9 Tips For Building A Strong Founding Team (And Who Should Be On It)

Introduction The journey of a startup is a long and difficult one. Many startups fail because they don’t have a strong enough team to see them through the tough times. A founding team is the most critical asset of a startup and the foundation upon which the company is built. A strong founding team comprises […]

How To Increase The Value Of Your Business With Systems That Scale

How to increase the value of your business with systems that scale

When running a startup, getting bogged down in the details is easy. There are a million things to do, and it can be tough to prioritise what’s most important. But if you want to be successful, it’s essential to focus on the things that will impact your business the most. In the early stages of […]

Avoid Filling A Board Seat With The Wrong Director 

Without intending to be disrespectful, not all highly skilled or experienced directors will be suited to a startup board. For example, a director with listed company experience and strong skills in audit and risk may not provide as much value to an early-stage startup as a director with product development and fundraising experience.  The ideal […]

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